Rock Flow Dynamics




ERCE is one of the early adopters of the Rock Flow Dynamics tNavigator. Specifically designed for parallel processing, this reservoir simulator comes with pre and post processors and is capable of running simulations based on other standard industry software platforms.

ERCE uses the interactive user control of the simulation runs to maximise run efficiency and reduce costs to our clients. In addition the parallel processing capacity allows us to complete complex simulation projects for our clients with shorter run times, allowing for more robust sensitivity analysis and history matching processes.

Equipoise Software






Equipoise Software has developed the Velit and InSeis software packages, which enable advanced velocity modelling, depth conversion and inversion analysis in Petrel.  They also developed the VelPAK velocity modelling and depth conversion tool for IHS Kingdom. Equipoise Software and ERCE work together on complex depth conversion and uncertainty modelling projects. We also co-host industry courses on depth conversion.


The Petroleum Experts software suite is part of the basic tool set of ERC Equipoise. MBAL and PROSPER are used in our projects to build our dynamic numerical models, construct analytical models, and quantify to understand reservoir performance. We also regularly work with client supplied GAP models for integrated asset analysis.

IHS Energy

ERCE makes extensive use of IHS software. We have used the Kingdom Suite since its arrival in the UK and it is a mainstay of our Geoscience software toolbox. We also have DeclinePlus and RTA in house, which are used for classical decline analysis, material balance work, reserves aggregation and rate transient analysis.

For coal bed methane evaluation we use the IHS CBM software package, which has numerical and analytical modelling capabilities for use in coal bed methane analysis.

Kappa Saphir is a Pressure Transient Analysis tool developed by Kappa, and is our standard software package for projects that involve well tests.


For EOS modelling and advanced PVT analysis, ERC Equipoise uses PVTsim, developed by CALSEP


IMEX, GEM and STARS are simulator products, developed by CMG Ltd. ERCE has used CMG software for conventional, thermal recovery and CO2 EOR projects.


The PETREL software package from Schlumberger is used for advanced geophysical and geological modelling. The software contains a myriad of tools from 2D and 3D seismic interpretation, to domain conversion, to facies and fault modelling. Petrel allows us to fully analyse the G&G information at hand and develop reservoir models.

The ECLIPSE software package from Schlumberger is an advanced numerical reservoir modelling package. ERCE has both Eclipse and Petrel in house for use in everyday work flow.

Hampson and Russell

The Hampson-Russell suite is produced by CGG Veritas and is an industry accepted software collection specifically for calibrating seismic data to petrophysical wells logs including the conversion of pre-stack and post-stack seismic data to reservoir property volumes.

ERCE Proprietary Software

We have a considerable toolbox of software applications to aid in the loading and analysis of Geoscience and Engineering data. These include EVA, a multi realisation depth conversion sensitivity and paper seismic vectorisation software.

In addition to the above software packages, ERCE is familiar with a wide range of industry tools. Please contact us for more information on our expertise.